Лучшие предложения

Settlement and cash services

  • The main regulatory mechanism is an agreement concluded between the parties.
  • Legal regulation in the field of banking allows the population to store safely, use and place their own savings or profits from operational commercial activities.


  • The Bank pursues an active credit policy, providing loans on conditions that take into account the specifics of the company. Our product line includes loans for legal entities secured by real estate.

Evaluation-brokerage services

  • The main activity is the provision of all types of valuation services provided for by the current legislation of the Republic of Abkhazia.


  • Гибкие тарифы и индивидуальные условия обслуживания для каждого клиента.
  • Доставка денежной наличности и ценностей по заявке клиента по всей территории Абхазии.
  • Безопасная транспортировка денежных средств и ценностей на специализированных автомобилях.


  • free provision of SIM cards by mobile operators and payment for communication services
  • free maintenance of equipment (POS-terminals)
  • free training of personnel in card operations techniques
  • technological, informational and settlement services of your organization for settlement operations

Salary project

  • Timely issuance of salary
  • Easy clearance necessary documents
  • Minimum costs
  • Relevance and speed of implementation

Advantages for the enterprise

  • simultaneous transfer of salaries to all employees of the enterprise;
  • simplification of bookkeeping;
  • optimization of the workflow - there is no time to spent on the checkout line;
  • security - the Bank takes responsibility for the transportation and storage of large amounts of cash.

Advantages for employees

  • time saving - no need to stand in line at the cash desk of the enterprise;
  • confidentiality of payments;
  • receipt of cash at a convenient time, payment by card of goods and services;
  • security guarantee - card lock in case of loss, your money will remain safe.