Abkhazian hundred

  • Değer birimi 100 apsars
  • Kalite Proof-like
  • İçerdiği Alaşım Silver 925
  • Toplam Ağırlık 155,5
  • İçerdiği minimum saf metal oranı (gram olarak) 155,5
  • Çap 60,0
  • Kalınlık (mm)
  • Toplam basım adedi 100
Abkhazian hundred Ön yüzü The obverse of the coin depicts a torso of a warrior dressed in Circassian style, which shows the hilt of a checker with a St. George lanyard (St. George’s weapon for courage) and a colored pad printing sign of the Order of the Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Grand Duke Vladimir of the 4th degree with swords and a bow. Abkhazian hundred Arka yüzü The reverse in the foreground depicts an Abkhazian horseman rushing to attack with a naked saber, in the background there is a cavalry lava against an eagle with outstretched wings, symbolizing the valor of Caucasian warriors. The composition is complemented by a colored St. George ribbon, which is a symbol of heroism in the Russian army.

From the front and back of the coins around the circumference there is a protruding edging.

The side surface of the coin is corrugated.

The coin is made in proof-like quality.

Artist Dzhapua Batal Rushnievich

Coin circulation 100 pcs.