20 years of the liberation of Gagra town

  • Değer birimi 10 apsars
  • Kalite Proof-like
  • İçerdiği Alaşım Silver 925
  • Toplam Ağırlık 33,94±0,31
  • İçerdiği minimum saf metal oranı (gram olarak) not less than 31,1
  • Çap 39,0
  • Kalınlık (mm) 3,3±0,35
  • Toplam basım adedi 500
20 years of the liberation of Gagra town Ön yüzü in the upper central part of the mirror field there is a relief image of the coat of arms of the Bank of Abkhazia, under it there is an inscription in the Abkhaz language “Apsny Abank”, over the emblem there is in a semicircle the inscriptions indicate the coin value of 10 apsar, on the right side of the coin there is the brand name and the name of the mint which also has a metal designation according to the Periodic system of chemical elements of D.I. Mendeleev and alloy test. In the lower part of the coin on the matte field and relief inscriptions in small print “Apsny Abank” in five lines the year of minting “2012” is indicated. 20 years of the liberation of Gagra town Arka yüzü in the center there is the figure of a militia in a cap with a gun on the background of Mount "Mamzyisha", on the left there is the inscription "XX years", on the right there is the conditional plan of the operation to liberate the town of Gagra, around the circumference there are inscriptions in the Abkhaz language: above - "Eternal memory to the heroes" , at the bottom there is an image of a ribbon with inscriptions, in the center of the composition there are two crossed checkers with the tips pointing upwards, symbolizing military prowess and victory, there are inscriptions on the tape: in the central part - “GAGRA” and there are dates: on the left - “06.10.1992”, on the right - “ 10/06/2012 ". On the front and back of the coin around the circumference there is a protruding edge. The side surface of the coin is corrugated. The coin is made in "proof-like" quality. Artist Dzhapua B.R. Coin circulation- 500 pcs. Chasing - Moscow Mint