Aiaaira 25

  • Değer birimi 100 apsars
  • Kalite Proof-like
  • İçerdiği Alaşım Silver 925, Gold 999
  • Toplam Ağırlık 168,15
  • İçerdiği minimum saf metal oranı (gram olarak) 155,5
  • Çap 60,0
  • Kalınlık (mm) 6,6
  • Toplam basım adedi 250
Aiaaira 25 Ön yüzü On the obverse there is a map of the country, consisting of relief images symbolizing the people fighting for their independence. In the central part on a mirror field there is an image of the state emblem of the Republic of Abkhazia, made in gilding and the face value of the coin of “100 psark” in the Abkhaz language. In the lower part there is an inscription in the Abkhaz language “Apsny Abank”, in the upper part there is the year of coin minting 2018. Aiaaira 25 Arka yüzü The reverse of the coin depicts an Abkhaz militia warrior taking the oath in front of the state flag of Abkhazia, to the right there is the number 25, made in gilding and symbolizing the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Victory. At the bottom of the inscription there is "Aiaaira."

From the front and back of the coins around the circumference there is a protruding edging.

The side surface of the coins is corrugated.

Artist Kaitan T.D.

Chasing: Moscow Mint (MM)